Podcast #20 – A holiday in Edinburgh

podcast 20 a holiday

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Kolejny PODCAST dla Waszej przyjemności nauki angielskiego! Tym razem kilka słów o wakacjach w Edynburgu.

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A Holiday in Edinburgh

In England there are three terms in the school year. English schoolboys and schoolgirls have a half-term holiday in the middle of each term. There is a half-term holiday in the middle of the autumn term, too – it is one week in October. This year Susan and Peter spent it in Edinburgh. They stayed with their cousins, Mark and Brenda Brown. At the beginning of the holiday they went to see all their favourite places. Susan’s favourite place in Edinburgh is Princes Street. It is the busiest of all the Edinburgh streets and one of the most interesting streets in Europe. On one side of Princes Street there are houses with all kinds of smart shops. On the other side are the lovely Princes Street Gardens. There are wonderful views of the Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens.

There is something interesting for everybody in Princes Street. Susan likes to look at the shop windows; Peter always climb to the top of the huge Walter Scott monument to see the view from there: Brenda loves to watch the Floral Clock with its hands carrying little plants around with them. Mark likes to walk in the Gardens and to look at the Castle. It was there, on the top of Castle Hill that Edinburgh started in the old days as a royal fortress.

The cousins climbed to the Castle, walked around it, and then walked down the Royal Mile to the Palace of Holyrood. Susan and Brenda wanted to see the rooms used by Mary, Queen of Scots. Peter and Mark did not want to spend too much time in Holyrood Palace. They were in a hurry; they wanted to see the Forth Bridge, which carries the main railway line from the south to the north of Scotland. The Bridge is huge; it is over a mile and a half long and at its highest point it is 360 feet above the water.

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