Podcast #16 – Trying to Find a Bargain

trying to find podcast 16

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Trying to Find a Bargain Kate and Alice both like to wear unusual clothes, but their mothers never really buy clothes like that for them. The girls haven’t got much money and cannot afford to buy expensive things, so they always try to find a bargain: something both unusual and cheap.

People who want to find good bargains usually go to the sales. All through January the largest department stores in Britain hold sales: they sell some expensive goods at cheaper prices. But they do not often sell very unusual clother at those sales and Kate and Alice do not often go to them. Sometimes they go to one of the famous street markets: the Petticoat Lane Market or the Portobello Road Market. The first one is open on Sunday mornings. The Portobello Road Market is open Monday to Saturday, but the best day to see it and to find a bargain is Saturday. It is one of the largest street markets: the stalls stretch for a mile or so down the street and sell all kinds of good. Some of the goods are in old prams and some are on the ground. It is as good as a theatre even if you do not buy anything.

The cheapest second hand markets of all are jumble sales. You can see them everywhere, in towns and in villages. Not long ago everything at a jumble sale cost only a few pence. Now the prices are higher, but you can still find fantastic bargains. The things usually come from people who want to help – money from jumble sales always goes to charities.

Yesterday Kate found a fantastic bargain at a jumble sale. It was a black evening dress from the Twenties, and she got it for £ 2! But will Mrs. Scott allow Kate to wear it? That is the question.

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